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Finder for Fitbit - an app to find your lost Fitbit®

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With over 300,000 + downloads, it speaks for itself*

"Thought it fell in yoga class 😥 App worked like a charm! It was actually at home, misplaced. For this would give it a 5⭐️ rating!" - prpearcern

"Thought my fitbit was gone for good - but I found it in the pile of clothes. Thank you so much for this app!" - hildrele

"Lost my Flex in the house! The all got the signal right away. Just walked around to the stringed signal and there it was!" - TomTyo

"My fit bit was lost for over a week! I thought it was gone forever! In my first attempt, I tried this app for about a half hour, I gave up and paid for a different app that didn't end up working either. However, after I removed the fit bit device from my Bluetooth settings this finder was able to track it better and found it within a few minutes. This is definitely worth it and don't pay any money for A different app. This one is enough if you just adjust your settings to allow it to search properly." - Sls918

"Great app for finding misplaced Fitbit! Thanks so much!" - OBXJEN

"I hate to admit that this is the first time I am rating an app, but it is. I was actually surprised to find an app for this purpose. This app is not perfect, I had two false finds. If there are other electronic remotes/devices in the area you might get a false find. But, on the 3rd time, I found it. I had thrown in it away with the trash, I was bringing from my car after charging the Flex on my ride home. Although it would have been a process of elimination, I probably wouldn't have gone into the garbage before trash day and I would have lost my beloved Flex. Thank you so much for this free app!!!!!!!!!!" - Robert95600

"I've misplaced my Fitbit One multiple times and this app has helped me find it each and every time. Priceless." - myrtlebscott

"I would recommend this application. Saved me a lot of heart ache" - H2343762

"I had been working in the woods removing deadwood and when I went in the house I found my fit bit was missing. I knew there was never a chance I was going to find it under all the leaves and limbs. Loaded this app went out and found it within two minutes. AWESOME app. Thanks!" - LKS1960


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